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Eid-the blessed day

ImageEid the day of festive glee as tiny tots sprawling here and there some with balloons in their hand and some with a candy, some lighting fire crackerswith beautiful colours of hope and love up above the starry sky.People going to each other’s place wishing Eid mubarak exchanging gifts and children desperately waiting for their “EIDI” and at last but not the least preparing different dishes.WOW! what a moment to relish….

Eid is an ideal time for all us to unite,to introspect to ask for repentance,ask for mercy from the almighty in this world as well as hereafter.Above all we need to understand the words of wisdom “and we r put on earth a little space,so that we may bear the beams of love ,sympathy and inculcate the feeling of oneness in us.

     Soon this eid let’s make a pledge to forget all conflicts and may god forgive all our transgressions and ease the sufferings of  people across the globe ….

                              Anyway once again EID MUBARAK TO ALL****


The Exuberant Jaunt Of Life

The Exuberant Jaunt Of Life

Albert Einstein has rightly said” Life is like riding a bicycle, u need to keep the balance and to keep it moving”…Life is as though ; nothing is a miracle and as such everything is a miracle.
Ideas change and so do the attitudes.
“Problems are like huge cotton bags”.They seem huge to people who see it and easy for those who believe in handling it.Optimists are greatly pragmatic in their behaviour .And on the other hand pessimists are gonna look at the same glass as half-empty which reflects that they see difficulty in every opportunity….
As for me life is a daring adventure or nothing at all.When we least expect it life life sets up a challenge to test our courage; and willingness to change; for such a moment; there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or we are not yet ready. The challenge wont wait.Life would not look back …the boat would go on sailing and reach the shore.Life is a constant battle between our desires and our ambitions.. maybe I and u have got the key to the castle, but what matters is whether we can unlock the door or not…at the end it depends on the individual how they take life to be***…

Contorted in Agony

Ah! I dont know where to start from as my dearest friend passed away 2 days before.A shock .Really Image hard to believe… I am obliterated by an emotional meringue.You are always present when i try to communicate with god.Tears always fill my empty cup  when those sweet memories knock my door

i will always miss you…

                                   From your dearest friend 

        Umi ****



ImageAt  times when my sense of insecurity and anguish seems entrenched,when expectations seem hovering like the buzzing bees sucking out the nectar from the wild flowers,killing the instincts like the mesmerizing thought of an artist capturing a bird in  the cage with no one around to obliterate the shackles and set it free.When the white washed walls look at me with an eye of suspicion,when the famous quotes seem entrapped in a cobweb of dust as if disjoined alphabets forcibly turned into bits to be lost in a maze.

When heart beats and pale dark thoughts overcast even imagination,when emptiness seems bigger than absurdity,when no one innovative joke seems thrilling ,the intricate web of thoughts serenading my mind turns into a voice of my solace,then only a helping hand from the nature helps the drooped back to regain the posture.A reward of solace…

It is this solace that gives a chance to introspect deep down the fabric of being,weaves and search for the scintillating stars as they illuminate and lighten up the sea of silence,allowing to listen to one’s creative beats,hence leaving the unholy temple of despondency and depression.

And I stand artless under the candid sky waiting for the symphony of dawn to light the path with the never extinguishing candles of hope in the voyage of a new horizon heading towards my gleaming future,one gets refreshed and rejuvenated.

Life is like a tide it at times helps you to touch the shore and yet at times it pulls out of yhe  anchors  out to be lost in the depths of the sea……

What to Wear: British Beaches

That is really cool!!!

The Fashion Lover

British BeachesIt’s hot. It’s been hot all week, and now the weekend has arrived, everyone in the UK makes a beeline for the nearest beach. But not everyone makes the right choice of clothes for a pebbly beach in the British summer (a summer which, let’s face it, lasts a week and when you get to said beach it’s always windier than you imagined and never quite as warm as you hoped). Got a trip to the beach planned this weekend? Concentrate on which ice cream to choose, not what to wear.

1. Coral zip pocket vest, New Look, £7.99
2. MOTO black high waisted shorts, Topshop, £32
3. Black metal trim sandals, New Look, £15.99
4. Metal aviator sunglasses, Topshop, £10
5. Straw hat, H&M, £6.99

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Wind By Amy Lowell

ah! the beauty of the words….